The Therapeutic Benefits of Dead Sea Salt & Minerals for Psoriasis

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Do you suffer from Psoriasis or acne? Have you wondered if specific minerals or products would be useful in treating these conditions? Have you tried searching for alternatives to medicines and pharmaceuticals?

Well you may be pleased to know that many of the products brought to you by Sandy Saltwater are formulated to be great for your skin and even helpful in treating some skin related ailments. You may have heard that products made with Dead Sea minerals are good for your skin. But why are Dead Sea minerals good for your skin?

The answer is that products made from the Dead Sea often contain some combination of minerals such as silicon dioxide, calcium oxide, aluminum oxide, magnesium oxide, iron oxide, sodium oxide, potassium oxide, Titanium oxide, sulfur trioxide, phosphorus pent oxide, chloride and bromide.  These are some of the key minerals found in Dead Sea mud that may be useful in treating a number of common and uncommon skin conditions.

Specifically, acne and psoriasis are two conditions where treatment with Dead Sea salt or mud has been useful in treating symptoms. In fact, Dead Sea salt soaking is actually recommended as an effective treatment for psoriasis by the National Psoriasis Foundation. For this skin condition, it is actually the magnesium found in the Dead Sea salt that helps to reduce the inflammation that is associated with psoriasis as well as help hydrate the skin.

Want more good news? Are you worried about wrinkles or how you could reduce the visibility of wrinkles? Good news- Dead Sea salt is also helpful in reducing the appearance of wrinkles by contributing the reduced wrinkle depth.

There’s good reason that people have been visiting the Dead Sea for Therapy since all the way back to the time of the ancient Egyptians!

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*Please note- We make no claims to be medical advisors nor should our advice be taken as valid medical advice in any way, shape or form. Please consult your physician for treatment of any medical condition related to your skin before beginning treatment.