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What do you do with all your old junk? Does the term Upcycle come to mind? Common things that we usually throw out can be turned into very useful items. Think before you toss something because it just may have a great new use. Upcycle it! You know why? Because on average, over 80% of what we throw away can be recycled or reused for a new purpose. (Like our Upcycle Beach Bags from Rice Shack USA for example!).

One of the best parts about Upcycling is that it can be creative and social. Come up with creative Upcycle projects to do with friends and families as well. If you live in a more metropolitan area, chances are that you may be able to find an upcycle club, if not, start one yourself!

The four main materials that can be used for an Upcycle project are paper, plastic, glass and fabric. But that doesn’t mean you’re limited. It just means that these are a great place to start for your upcycle project.

Here are some great ideas for your very own project, the video above provides some great detail on how exactly to execute these ideas.

Gift Bag- Using just two pieces of newspaper, a piece of cardboard, glue, a stapler and string you can create a great gift bag to deliver your gifts this holiday season.

Wallet, Beach Bag, Upcycle Bag, Purse, Pocket Book- Use plastic bags, scissors, an iron and newspaper to create great, stylish and reusable beach or grocery store bags.

Funky Lamps- Use an old wine bottle, sandpaper, a drill and holiday lights to create a great holiday light.

Turn old clothes into new ones as well! Use old clothes to cut into strips or different shapes to make beach bags, upcycle bags, grocery bags, wristbands, headbands or any number of other accessories.

Start your upcycle journey today! And be sure to check out the #upcycle bags available for purchase on SandySaltwater.com.

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Always create new products at your own risk. SandySaltwater.com does not endorse the use of power tools, scissors or any other building product. SandySaltwater.com encourages anyone to create projects under the supervision of a trained professional. Do not use tools you are not comfortable with and understand that any defect in the product you create could result in dangers from misuse or poor construction. Use of drills, scissors or any other tools is inherently dangerous, do so at your own risk.