Pomegranate Symbolism

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Check out this great descriptive video about the fertility powers and symbolism of the pomegranate. The subject of the video above is Donna Stellhorn, the author of a Path to Pregnancy- Ancient Secrets for the Modern Woman. Stellhorn is not only an author but also an expert in Feng Shui and ancient healing remedies. She offers many different videos on healing powers of ancient remedies, traditions and ideas.

The pomegranate serves as an ancient symbol of fertility in a lot of cultures around the world. The pomegranate, unlike many other fruits, actually ripens in autumn and is available in the winter time. Due to the nature of the ripening period for this fruit it has naturally come to symbolize fertility for women later on in life, or who has waited a long time.

The pomegranate has been known for centuries as a symbol of fertility. When you open it, you’ll find numerous little seeds to eat. When you eat the pomegranate seeds, think and visualize pregnancy and yourself becoming pregnant. Also, when you eat your first pomegranate of the year, be sure to select the first individual seed and eat it by itself. The story goes that the first pomegranate seed you eat of the year grants you one wish.

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