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Sandy Saltwater always wants to make sure that our customer's use candles safely. Check out the great video above which outlines some of the best safety practices for ensuring that your candles are lit and monitored properly.

The Video begins with- The flicker of warm light, the soothing and even romantic smells. A lit candle can inspire, but left alone, a candle can also cause a very dangerous situation. Reporter Mark Albert, a reporter for KSTP-5 joins the Fire Safety Chief to discuss fire safety. Albert says, "Almost everybody has candles in their home and often times they like to light them and then leave the room or leave them burning unattended. Why is that a bad idea?"

St. Paul Fire Investigator Jamie Novak responds by saying that, "The problem is that even if it is a safe container, and I have seen a lot of what I thought was a safe container, can still end up starting a fire." Novak goes on to mention several of the events that could trigger the contained fire in a candle to cause a fire in a number of ways. A pet or child could bump into the candle and tip it over, or it could even just tip over on its own. If you have a candle that sits within artificial material, it could even catch onto the artificial material around the flame. 

1. Never burn it unless your in the room
2. Check the containers carefully and use non-combustible surfaces. 
3. Be careful about the surface that you set the candle.

Remember that even a breeze from an open window or draft can blow a curtain into an open flame. This could potentially ignite the curtain and cause a fire within your home. Some candles have embedded pine cones or coffee beans that could catch on fire and spread it from within the candle. Be sure that you are careful and wary of the types of materials that are contained within your candle as well. 

Have a great (and safe) day!

Sandy Saltwater