Shell Candle- Murex Romosus

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Looking for a shell candle? Look no further than the Shell Kreations, Scented Murex Romosus Shell candle from Koppe's Kandles. This candle is handmade with an eight to ten inch murex romosus shell and wax filling and is a highly scented. This candle is available in several color variations and different scents. Made in the USA . Bring home the beach with this candle from Koppes Kandles, your beach and resort kandle company!

Please be advised, all products are handmade with real shells. Therefore, product may vary slightly from image shown. Stand is not included. 

 Product Disclaimer- CAUTION- A shell candle must be burned so that the candle surface is level. Failure to follow instructions could result in fire hazard, injury, or smoke damage. Keep wick trimmed to ¼” to help prevent smoking & soot on container or other items. Burn only on stable heat resistant surface. Keep out of drafts. Discontinue use when no wax remains on bottom. Don’t move candle when burning, or if wax is hot. Keep out of reach of pets & children. NEVER leave a burning candle unattended. Use Kandles at your own risk, Sandy Saltwater, Shell Kreations and Koppe’s Kandles are not liable for any damages or injuries resulting from product use.